Brunt Airjet A

  • Quiet Airjet
  • 3 filters, removes all smell and dust
  • Compact and powerful



Airjet – Air purifier

In many cases, the air in the home may contain suspended solids and other particles. It puts a lot of pressure on having to be aired and cleaned thoroughly often, but it is often not enough to improve the indoor climate. We have many different equipments in the home, such as electronics and interiors that emit and collect dust and particles, and if you live in a new building you are sure that there is extra good insulation, which slows air circulation. Therefore, there are many good reasons to invest in an air purifier that helps with a good indoor climate.

Airjet Air Purifier from Brunt, is Smart Air Purifier which can be controlled via an App in your Smartphone and receive information on what the indoor climate is no matter where you are. In addition, the Brunt Airjet is equipped with 3 filters and a powerful fan that ensures good air circulation and air purification in the room, for allergy sufferers such as pollen, dust and asthma, it means for them that the indoor climate becomes a nice place to be.

Airjet air purifier is a compact and powerful air purifier and with its sensors you always have a good overview of the indoor climate in the room. This Brunt air purifier fits with its elegant design and style to most homes, and equipment that you do not need to store away.

Did You Know?

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers indoor air pollution as one of the most serious factor for health risk.


We spend 90% of our life time indoors

20,000 Times

We breathe at least 20,000 times
or more a day.

5 Times

Indoor air is 5 times
more polluted
Than outdoor air.

Personal Air Purifier

Not for just Anyone, Just for Yourself

Jet Blazer

The seven-wing jet-fan within the Brunt Airjet generates strong and direct air currents while using less energy.
With this technology, the Brunt Airjet excels when it comes to purifying air pollutants.

Jet Fan

Produces strong, horizontal air currents.

Regular Fan

The wind spreads and disperses as it gets further.

Low-Noise Purification

The BRUNT Airjet has four levels of fan speed.
It can perform purification on low levels of noise
without interrupting conversations in a quiet room.

Level 1

The sound of
a clock ticking

Level 2

Low enough not to
disturb sleep

Level 3

Low enough not to
obstruct conversation

Level 4

Less than
a cell phone ringtone

Purifying Power

Premium Triple Filter System

The Brunt Airjet uses high quality HEPA13 Filter which can remove 99.95% of micro-particles in the air.
Also, the deodorizing filter removes harmful gas fumes
from daily life. Maintaining pleasant air at all the times.


Animal hair, hair, etc.
Filters large size particle in air

HEPA H13 Filter

PM2.5, 0.3~0.5μm, pollen, etc.
Remove 99.95% or
more ultrafine dust and fine dust

Deodorizing Filter

Remove odors (VOC, etc.)
that occurs in daily life

Compact & Powerful

Air Circulation

Maximizing Filtering Ability

The BRUNT Airjet is designed in a unique way
to accommodate a maximum-sized filter to fit its compact size.

Filter Installation

The Construction follows in Reverse Order of Separation.

Additional Function

Various Directions

Use the air jet stand to feel a fresher and cleaner breeze.

(The main purpose of this product is not a fan or an air circulator)

Detailed Specification / Components

Globally Approved Quality