Brunt Blind Engine

  • Compatible with most home blinds
  • Connect Brunt Blind Engine with Brunt App and Google Home
  • Motorize your blinds
  • Make your blinds into smartblinds
  • Easy installation in less than 3 minutes


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The Brunt Blind Engine transforms your standard home blinds into smart electric blinds. For an affordable price, our device can motorize your existing blinds. The Brunt Blind Engine can also connect to your smartphone, allowing remote control and scheduling of your blinds anywhere, anytime.


Installation guide

Compatible with Roll-Type Blinds

The Brunt Blind Engine is designed to be compatible with most roll-type blinds available on the market.

Allowing blinds with different shapes and sizes to be fitted successfully.

Horizontal Blinds

Roll Shades

Combi Blinds

Roman Shades

Curtains of Draperies


Blind Cords Compatibility

The Brunt Blind Engine comes with two different gears. The Cord gear for normal string cords/small ball chains and Ball gear for Large ball type chains.

Those two gears are designed to accommodate different types of blinds.

Cord & Small Beads Gear

1.3mm – 4.7mm

Large Beads Gear

6mm – 6.6mm


Window frame

Detailed Specification