Brunt Plug

  • Smart device that can be connected to the app and voice control with eg. Google Home
  • Remote control electrical devices connected.
  • Energy efficient, blocks power when not in use
  • Energy monitoring in the home
  • “Welcome Home” activation




Brunt Smart Plug

The Brunt Plug can switch your electric devices on or off and completely block power when not in use. It can be linked to your smartphone via the free Brunt app to remotely switch connected devices on or off at pre-set times from any location to save energy efficiently.

Simultaneously Controls the Power of Electronic Devices

Welcome & Goodbye

When the Brunt Plugs are connected to the Brunt app, they are automatically registered to the Welcome and Goodbye Action,
which allows simultaneous control of multiple devices.

Controls Location Awareness of Electronic Devices

Automatic Execution

The Welcome a Goodbye Action offers an unprecedented level of convenience,
automatically turning all registered plugs on according to your settings when you come home,
and automatically turning them off when you leave. This can be executed without even having to access the Brunt app.

Approximately 6%-10% of the total electricity consumption in
an ordinary household is wasted because of a standby power.
Connecting your large household appliances to the Brunt Plug (up to 2,200 W) will block standby power
when the appliance is not in use as if the cords were unplugged.

Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

The Brunt Plug is also equipped with a sensor to measure the electricity consumption of your home,
allowing you to check your electricity consumption in real time and generate a rough estimate of the electricity bill.

Voice Control

Voice Command

“Turn on Plug”

“Play Goodbay”




(KT GiGA Genie can be connect with GiGA Genie1, 2 and Buddy models.)

(Please refer to user guide related to connecting service, support language and
detailed voice guide, etc. in each voice service app or Brunt app.)

Share User Authority

Sharing User Control

If youʼre sharing an office or residential space with others,
you can also share the user authority of the Brunt Plug using the Brunt app.

Operating Method

Operating Method

  1. Via the Brunt application on your smartphone, send a power control command to the Brunt Plug to
    switch your devices on/off. This function can be used through Wi-Fi as well.
  2. The on/off command is delivered to your Brunt Plug via a Wi-Fi router through the Brunt IoT platform.
    This process is activated at the flick of a button hence it is faster than other IoT products with overseas servers.
  3. The Brunt Plug controls the power of electronic devices as pre-set by your command.

Designed for Any Surrounding

The Brunt Plug is designed to maximize efficiency and function.
The power outlet on the side of the Brunt Plug minimizes protrusion when it is plugged in.
All of the elements are arranged within the golden ratio for design stability.
This principle associates with the design interface of the Brunt application. Strictly Produced to match our users standards.